Our Philosophy

Existing Products for the Beard and Moustache wearer

The facial hair community is a vibrant and diverse one consisting of wonderful people from all walks of life united in the glory of the hirsute face. The beard care industry offers a vast number of products from beard balms & oils to moustache waxes, which caters for the needs of the beard and moustache wearers out there but they all seem to come from the same place utilising the same or similar set of ingredients.

Not just another Beard Oil, Wax, or Balm

At Fine Fettle we believe that its time for a change and a thought process to beard care, which brings you a refreshing new product and approach. After extensive market research and comprehensive product development we are very proud to introduce a product to the market, whose ingredients have been naturally sourced to work in union with your body to support your body's natural barrier function - The Fine Fettle Beard Conditioner.

Hydrate, Soften, Condition, & Protect

The Fine Fettle Beard Conditioner is the first in a line of lovingly conceived products, designed to soften, hydrate, condition, and protect your face and all that majestically sprouts from it. Whether you have an unruly moustache, a fly away beard or coarse, firm hairs, the Fine Fettle Beard Conditioner will come to your aid and can be used on its own or in conjunction with your existing product routine to enhance their effects.