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What is Beard Conditioner?

We think this 3 minute video from Daniel Barnes - an independent aficionado when it comes to beard care - explains our conditioner perfectly.

It's not like a hair/scalp conditioner

When the word conditioner is used in the context of hair, most people think about traditional conditioners used in combination with shampoos for hair on the scalp.

Conditioner for the beard is something different as facial hair has different requirements to help it remain soft & shiny, and the skin beneath itch free. In fact, use of traditional scalp shampoos and conditioners on your facial hair can do more damage than good and introduce ailments like 'beard itch'.

Something Different

Our Beard Conditioner is a balm-like product in appearance but it is deserving of it's conditioner title due to the fundamental difference in the core ingredients we use over a majority of products on the market. Unlike traditional conditioners, it is a leave-in product.

You will notice the difference upon your first application but this will be enhanced with daily use.

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